Shane Lake, west of UNBC, will receive some upgrades to the trails at the park.

Construction begins today (Thursday) and will see a 570-metre trail added for more accessibility between the lake and the Forests for the World parking lot.

The recent upgrades at Shane Lake include:

  • Elevation and drainage off the trail with added gravel.
  • Four metre widening of the trail for foot traffic and service vehicles.
  • Replacing two outhouses with new facilities to provide more accessible, wheel-chair friendly options at Forests for the World. One facility is located near the picnic shelter en route to Shane Lake while the other is located off the main parking lot.

The project is slated to finish before the end of summer.

Dock and railing at Shane Lake (Photo supplied by City of PG)

Shane Lake has had other improvements made since last fall, like a new dock, railing, shelters, and new picnic tables.