53 wildfires are blazing across the Prince George Fire Centre, 8 of which are considered ‘of note’ meaning they are either highly visible or pose a potential threat to public safety.

One of the wildfires of note, the Camsell Lake fire located North of Fraser Lake recently had its evacuation alert rescinded.

Prince George Fire Centre Fire Information Officer, Hannah Harris says progress is being made across the region.

“Cutoff Creek, which is 21,500 hectares, it’s being held now, either of them just this week. Black Pine and Grizzly Lake are both at the same (as of Thursday) as well, Black Pine is still at 16,314 hectares as well and Grizzly Lake is at 4,891 hectares and they’re all being actioned by BCWS,” she said.

Tentfire Creek is another wildfire of note that is also being held at 2,400 hectares as 20 firefighters, 2 helicopters and 8 pieces of heavy equipment are fighting the blaze.

Meanwhile, another two wildfires of note north of Prince George continue to burn, the Foress Mountain fire is now 8,700 hectares while the Kwawli Lake fire stands at 6,231 hectares.

The Mount Porter blaze located Northwest of the Northern Capital is 14,932 hectares in size and currently has 22 firefighters, 2 helicopters, and 14 pieces of heavy equipment tackling it.

The Bowron River fire Southeast of Prince George isn’t considered a wildfire of note, however, it continues to rage on.

“Right now it’s estimated at about 5.71 hectares and it’s suspected to be lightning-caused, I don’t have too many specifics but we have resources currently being deployed as they become available. As far as the growth, we’re continuing to experience favourable weather across the Prince George Fire Centre so the growth is not what it would’ve been during the hot and dry conditions we experienced earlier this month,” she added.

Today (Friday), Firefighters from Quebec are arriving in BC to provide much-needed support.

Harris says that it is unknown exactly where the Quebec crews will be sent in BC but she assumes they will be stationed in the south side of the province where the fire situation continues to rage on strongly.

According to Harris, the weather has also been on the BC Wildfire Service’s side, as cool, humid temperatures are expected for Prince George and Vanderhoof throughout the weekend.

“I’m sure that we could see a continued decrease in fire activity with the rain,” she added.

Environment Canada says there’s a 30% chance of rain in PG and Vanderhoof this evening and Saturday, along with a 60% chance on Sunday as temperatures are expected to hover around the low 20’s and mid-teens this weekend.