A Facebook group called BC Businesses against the Health Pass now has over 108-thousand members province-wide.

Many of these smaller or home-based operators are hesitant to implement the proof of vaccination requirement set to be enforced on September 13th.

Ashley Provencher is a mobile practitioner who operates Golden Rays Apothecary and Wellness in Prince George who told MyPGNow.com the people pushing back are not strictly anti-vaxxers.

“Everyone seems to think it is just anti-vaxxers that are having this issue with the vaccine passport but it’s not. It is everybody, vaccinated and unvaccinated.”

When asked why Provencher is among the growing list of business owners not requiring the vaccine card, she simply stated a customer’s vaccination status should be kept private.

“As an owner, I go into to people’s homes and I already get enough information from them that is very private and sensitive. Because of the Privacy Act in Canada, we don’t have entitlement to know that information.”

“For me, I do believe it is a human right issue and I also believe it is asinine to expect small businesses, restaurants, movie theatres, casinos and I feel bad for all the staff who is going to have to ask for medical records. I know it is a vaccine and we don’t have to share our entire medical history but at the same time, I don’t feel it is right.”

Provencher considers herself pro-choice and mentioned the province needs to be more mindful of those who are unable to get the shot.

“Some people have medical conditions that they have to take into consideration when getting any vaccination. Doctors aren’t giving individualized information on how that would affect that certain person.”

When asked if Provencher is worried people might boycott her business, she added it’s something that has crossed her mind but is confident in the public support she has received from clients.

“So far the support has been good. I will not discriminate because I do think (proof of vaccination) is a form of discrimination but at the same time, I do expect some backlash. I did have a negative review on my Facebook page saying I do not follow health and safety guidelines, which this person has never been a client of mine and someone I have never interacted with before.”

“I follow all the other protocols. I put a mask on when I come into somebody’s house, wash and sanitize my hands, stay away from people when I am sick. That is all still being done I am just against this vaccine passport.”

Provencher used to have a storefront location for her business but was forced to shut that down once the pandemic reached full tilt in March of 2020.

“Because I was a personal service and not deemed essential I was not given the OK to open up my store again until towards the end of June. By that time, I had no other choice except to move to home based and move into a mobile situation and go into other people’s homes.”

“It took a while and I am still repivoting and still trying to get my feet under my belt and there is a lot of other small businesses who are still feeling that.”