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City of Prince George denounces hospital protests in BC

Prince George’s City Council members took an opportunity at the start of their Monday meeting to discuss the harassment healthcare workers across the province have been subjected to.

Councillor Brian Skakun started off the night by calling on protestors to not block hospital access and to stay away from schools.

“I’m going to pull some of my punches here, your worship, with some of the tactics and the abuse that some of the healthcare workers have had to put up with because people are blaming them for a number of things. These are the folks who are saving lives 24/7, 365 days a year,” said Skakun.

UHNBC saw protests earlier this month with signs saying things like, “Anti Big Pharma, Fascist Control, Lies & Forces Vax, Masks Face Covers Lockdown Tyranny, Physical Distancing, Business Closures, Techtonocratic Surveillance, and Fear”

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Councillor Terri McConachie said that times are difficult for healthcare workers, and quoted Mr Rogers, “In scary situations when you’re afraid when times are tough look for helpers, there are always helpers.”

Healthcare workers have been protesting and advocating for safer work conditions, with some saying the past 18 months have been the worst it has ever been.

Councillor Kyle Sampson echoed Skakun’s sentiments, adding that residents have the right to protest.

“You don’t have your right to take it out on the workers, and the people who are the frontline staff. Don’t protest at hospitals, don’t protest at schools, don’t abuse these people, that’s wrong.”

Nurses at the Fort St. John hospital have been receiving harsh criticism during their shift, and it was found they were extremely understaffed.

Other places to protest were suggested by Councillor Cori Ramsay.

“Protest on the steps of City Hall, we’ll welcome you. Protest in front of your MLA or MP offices, those are proper places to protest, not in front of hospitals and not blocking roads.”

Councillor Murray Krause took the opportunity to suggest that residents should reach out and show their appreciation for workers affected by the pandemic.

“I hope our citizens will do exactly what has been suggested, reach out to your healthcare professionals and let them know that they matter.”





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