An online panel focusing on accessible technology for older residents in northern communities is taking place tomorrow (Wednesday) as part of Agetech Innovation Week.

The discussion is taking place at 3 pm and will be moderated by Directors from the Centre for Technology Adoption for Aging in the North (CTAAN) at UNBC, Dr. Shannon Freeman, and Dr. Robert McAloney.

“My colleague Dr. Shannon Freeman and I saw a few years ago is there’s amazing technologies around the world that can support aging but are they making it to northern and rural areas, and then really trying to understand how we could make sure that they do reach our communities,” said Dr. McAloney.

Panelists include UNBC Social Work Associate Professor Dawn Hemingway, Prince George Council of Seniors Executive Director Lola-Dawn Fennell, Northern Health Executive Lead Elder Program Aaron Bond, and retired elementary school teacher Wilma Hartnagel.

They’ll be discussing the challenges of finding a high quality of life for older adults, aging in place, and the accessibility of health services and supports.

Dr. McAloney said they are looking into whether there’s a big enough market in northern communities for tech companies to invest in, how climate may change some of the issues people run into, and connectivity issues.

“With some of those things there’s great technologies that do exist, but how can they be adapted, and what can we do to help bridge that technology gap that might exist?”