Vaccinations are underway for kids aged 5-11 in BC, but there are only six days between now and Christmas currently available for kids in Prince George to get vaccinated.

Eryn Collins with Northern Health said this is due to supply and demand, adding that more days could get added if need be.

“There are about 6,200 kids in that eligibility range of 5-11 in Prince George, and about 1,000 more in the surrounding rural areas. There is more than enough capacity in the December clinics at this time for everyone who has registered, and that registration data is used in part to plan those clinics.”

“So based on registration there were 1,800 created in December alone. There are still nearly 400 appointments available right now that are not booked,” said Collins.

She added that there are a maximum amount of appointments that can be made, not only for COVID-19 reasons, but also due to staffing, as well as the verification process and the monitoring period.

Collins said they realize current appointment dates may not wok for some families.

“We will be of course exploring alternate clinic days and hours in not only Prince George, but also other communities because we do want them to make them as accessible as possible for families who have younger children in that eligibility group.”