Following cleanup of a substantial slide across Highway 99 near Duffy Lake, the highway has been reopened to essential travel between Pemberton and Lillooet.

This section of the highway was closed on December 1st.

The province says weight restrictions are in place on this route, regular passengers vehicles under a gross weight of 14,500 kilograms are able to travel on the corridor, but commercial vehicles cannot be safely accommodated.

In addition, the province says the route is restricted to essential travel only, and checkpoints will be in place and travel restrictions will be enforced.

According to the province, the highway’s infrastructure is vulnerable following recent storms, and the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure is monitoring the weather and performance of the highway.

Drivers on this stretch of Highway 99 are urged to use extreme caution, obey signs, speed limits, and the direction of any traffic control personnel. In addition, the province says drivers should be aware that the highway could be closed at anytime if conditions change.

The province says to check for updates.