Welcome to Hartley’s Cat Scan!

Cariboo Cougars Head Coach and Former PG Cougar Tyler Brough is this week’s guest on the Cat Scan Podcast. (Photo supplied by Brendan Pawliw, MyPGNow.com staff)

This is a weekly podcast featuring the ‘who’s who’ of the Prince George Cougars.

Hartley’s guest is Cariboo Cougars U-18 Head Coach and former PG Cougar Tyler Brough.

Tyler discussed a number of topics including:

  • Up and down first half to the season with the Cariboo Cougars
  • Living up to lofty expectations/not going to the Mac’s Midget AAA Tournament in Calgary
  • Challenges of playing/coaching during a pandemic
  • Getting more PG Cougars Alumni out at major community events
  • Balancing/work/coaching and family

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