The Lheidli T’enneh First Nation (LTFN) and McLeod Lake Indian Band (MLIB) are partnering up to work on Indigenous education issues in School District 57.

The two communities are forming the Indigenous Education Leadership Table, which will work to implement recommendations outlined in the Special Advisors Report.

“This new table is hopefully going to raise awareness about Indigenous values, Indigenous protocols, and Indigenous ways of knowing,” said (MLIB) Deputy Chief Jayde Chingee.

“It’ll give us a new opportunity for us to define a new relationship with the school district and uphold Indigenous law.”

LTFN Councillor Joshua Seymour said that the two nations have always played a role within the school district, but in more of an advisory capacity. He said the Indigenous Education Leadership Table will be more hands on.

“To look at how we can actually offer feedback and put that into motion, it will be more of a government to government process with the School District,” Seymour said.

“We look forward to developing a respective relationship with the School District with the Indigenous Education Leadership Table, and the Board of Trustees as well as the senior management.”

Chingee added the table is an Indigenous led process, and is being defined by the communities. She said the table will be comprised of elected officials from the First Nations with education portfolios, as well as education staff.