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SD 57 students keeping busy over the Spring Break

While school may be out, many School District 57 students were in school for Spring Break camps.

The camp was designed by Safer Schools Together and Game Ready Fitness. They partnered with SD 57 for venues and operational support, as well as coaches from the Prince George Kodiaks.

“Kids thrive on structure and activities during break times,” said Kodiaks General Manager Ryan Bellamy.

“We’ve had them playing basketball, some football, we’ve had them playing dodgeball, we just expose them each day to new sports and let them get a feek for new activities and see what sticks.”

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The children were put into three age groups, which were sometimes blended.

“They say it only takes one coach, or one day of exposure to an activity to ignite a kid’s interest for life,” Bellamy said.

“You hear it all the time about great athletes who were given that one chance, that one access point back in their youth, something clicked, and that’s what sparked them to go on to great things.”

In a different program, Veronica Wiebe and Sam Teed, two UNBC Psychology students, were leading a different program.

These kids were gathered by Carrier Sekani Family Services, who partnered with School District 57 to have a safe, engaging space to do their activities.

“We have a different activity every day of Spring Break.” said Wiebe.

“It’s all about showing these kids different things to stimulate their thinking, get their hands busy, show them new things, and really it’s about how to connect with the community.”

These students got to swim, play mini-golf, cross-country ski, and partake in many more activities.

More than 50 kids attended the camps, around half of which attend Nusdeh Yoh Elementary School, and many others are from Ron Brent Elementary.


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