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Cariboo-Prince George MP concerned about the cost of an NDP-Liberal coalition

Cariboo-Prince George Conservative MP Todd Doherty said the deal that will see the NDP prop up the Federal Liberals on all confidence votes between now and the next election in 2025 is essentially a blank cheque for Justin Trudeau.

“100 percent.  That is exactly it.  They have cart blanche to do what they chose to do.  I guess if there is a bright side to this it’s that Jagmeet will now be painted with every scandal that Justin goes through.”

We asked Doherty what this move says about democracy.

“Well that is a really great question.  You can buy your way out of anything I guess it was it is.  We’ve  seen how the rule of law has been flaunted and kind of cast aside by Prime Minister Trudeau and his cabinet over the seven years of me being elected.”

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Doherty said he is now even more concerned about inflation and what this coalition will actually cost.

“We live in an area that, everything that we touch has to be transported to us, and every time that item is touched the price goes up.   The rising cost of fuel, the rising cost of goods.  We also know that now the radical left has got a bigger say on anything that goes on in our country.”

He added if there is a bright side to all of this, it’s that at least they now know who they are up against, officially.

“Finally I guess the Prime Minister and Jagmeet are being honest with Canadians.  We’ve been saying this since back in 2020 when the WE scandal came out when we saw our NDP counterparts side with the Liberals when we were doing our committee work, and trying to do our investigation into the almost billion dollars that was being handed out to the WE organization.   We knew that there was a coalition back then and we called it.  It was always being denied, but now we know that there was and I think Canadians should be concerned.  They didn’t vote for an NDP government.”

That said, Doherty said coalitions don’t always last.

“It remains to be seen.  We’ve had a coalition, the NDP and the Greens, in British Columbia.  We saw that that was broken at one point, and shaky at the best of times.  I am a firm believer that a leopard doesn’t change its spots and one or the other will slip up along the way, and I think that a coalition can be fractured at any time.”

For now, he said he will just keep working for his constituents, adding that if anything, this will make him fight for them even more.


Files from George Henderson, MyCaribooNow

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