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“The city is somewhat broken:” an interview with Mayoral candidate Roy Stewart

The Prince George mayoral race is the busiest it has been in a decade, with four candidates declared so far.

Roy Stewart announced yesterday (August 29) that he would be making a bid for the title of mayor. He is a local lawyer who was the city’s solicitor for 20 years.

“My view is that Prince George is a wonderful place to live, raise a family, and invest” Stewart told My PG Now. “However, I believe the city is somewhat broken.”

He pointed to a few key issues that he believes factor in to the city’s brokenness.

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“The image of the city must be changed. I don’t think there has been anything seriously done to positively introduce our city to the world.”

“Prince George offers affordable housing, which leads to having fun, disposable income, a good place to raise a family, local educational institutes of world class caliber, cultural aspects of all sorts, recreational venues, and the outdoors right at your fingertips.”

Stewart said he likes to think the city is “livable,” contrasting Prince George against “large metropolitan centers with traffic congestion, unaffordable housing, long commutes, and knowing that you cannot live a comfortable life when up to 80% of income is used to acquire accommodation,” saying that Prince George is the “best alternative.”

Transparency in the city’s business is also very important, he said.

“It is imperative, in my view, for the business of the city to be made open to public scrutiny in order for public officials to be accountable to the public.”

Building off that, Stewart also made a point of bringing up a review of practices with the intent of avoiding repeating the past with overspending on projects.

He also briefly mentioned the city’s homelessness issue.

“I like identifying problems, but I also like identifying solutions. That’s what I do.”

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He said he also helped bring the University and new Courthouse to the city.

“I bring an experience where leadership, accountability, and transparency in the operation of government are a priority.”

“I like to understand before I make judgement about something. I intend to talk with, and listen to, any group or person who has a desire to change the ways things are, or to improve upon what we have. That will be a hallmark of not only my campaign, but also when I am the mayor.”

My PG Now also has interviews with mayoral candidates Chris Wood and Todd Corrigall. Terri McConnachey is also running, she will be hosting a public announcement tomorrow at 12:15 at the Public Library.

You can find more information about Roy Stewart’s campaign here.

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