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McConnachie focusing on housing, seniors, and social issues in Mayoral campaign

“I’m back, baby!”

Those are the words from City Councillor Terri McConnachie as she announced her campaign to run for mayor.

McConnachie made the announcement at the Knowledge Garden at the Prince George Public Library, the same place where she announced she would be running for council in 2014 and 2018.

McConnachie said she was originally planning to run to keep her council seat, but her supporters suggested a run at the Mayor’s chair.

“It was a week ago, maybe ten days, where I just got this ground swell of support, from all across the community saying ‘Terri, please just consider throwing your hat in the ring, I’ll back you, I’ll help you, you don’t have to do this alone,'” she explained.

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“The final push was from my greatest supporter, my cheerleader, my husband, and he said the time is now.”

McConnachie said the biggest point she wants to get across is that ‘in the City of Prince George, nothing is unsolvable if we work together, but nothing is possible if we don’t and we’re fragmented.’

“We’re talking about affordable housing, that’s a great concern for young people and families, and folks looking to scale down,” McConnachie said.

“I think we’re losing residents in our community if we don’t have those viable housing options and we don’t maintain that affordability factor.”

McConnachie said seniors issues haven’t been talked about enough.

“There’s so many issues going on with the senior citizen population, but everything else is just louder,” she explained.

“Just because it’s loud, doesn’t mean it’s any more important or is equal, so I really think it is time to devote our thought and our resources, cooperation to the issues that are facing seniors. We want them to stay here and thrive.”

McConnachie said the other issue is the social issues the community is facing.

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“I didn’t come here with the magic pill with all the answers, but I did come and I do present the fact that I will stay at the forefront of that,” she said.

McConnachie is joined by Local Businessman Christopher Wood, Chamber of Commerce CEO Todd Corrigall, and Lawyer Roy Stewart in the race to become the next Mayor of Prince George.

The Municipal Election will take place on October 15th.

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