Professors at UNBC will be able to do the research they need in their respective field thanks to a 436 thousand dollar boost.

The new funding was made possible through Canada’s Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council.

Three discovery grants will fund projects in health care, biology, and computer science.

Northern Medical Program Associate Professor Dr. Sarah Gray received 140 thousand dollars to continue hormone research.

Ecosystems Science and Management Professor Dr. Russell Dawson will use 105 thousand for furthering his research on determining important factors of influencing reproductive effort and success of birds.

Computer Science Professor Dr. Alex Aravind get’s a 90 thousand dollar grant to develop, verify and prove as well as conduct performance studies on concurrent programs that solve synchronization problems.

Biochemistry Professor Dr. Chow Lee and Chemistry Professor Dr. Stephen Radar will purchase a new piece of equipment with imaging capabilities for proteins and nucleic acid analysis.

The 49 thousand dollar grant will cover 90 per cent of the new equipment with the UNBC picking up the rest of the tab.