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Prince George BC SPCA branch caring for dog tied to rail

The North Cariboo Branch of the BC SPCA in Prince George is caring for a nine-year-old pit bull terrier that was tied to a railing in downtown Prince George.

According to the BC SCPA the dog had a note on his collar asking someone to take care of him.

“A good Samaritan found Rolo tied in front of her place of work, and the first thing she did was contact us down at the animal centre,” said Kristen Sumner, Animal Centre Manager at the North Cariboo BC SPCA.

“She brought him in right away, and we brought him into the vet.”

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During the visit to the vet, it was determined that Rolo had ringworm on his face and legs, he was underweight, and a large mass that had developed on his leg was benign.

(Photo courtesy: BC SPCA)

He’s had surgery to remove the mass, dental work, treated for ringwork, and has been put on a refeeding plan.

“The way is not a strange one here at the BC SPCA,” Sumner added.

“We do get abandoned animals, but usually closer to us, but the way he was there, they were able to take care of him and bring him in right away.”

Sumner said when it comes to people who do need to re-home their animals, they do have a waitlist.

“We do have to unfortunately prioritize some intakes, but Rolo, these animals come in, and there’s no way they’re not going to get the care they need,” she said.

“We will sacrifice, we put out fosters, we will move them to where we can get them the help that they need to make sure that we can take them in. However animals like this always kind of throw kind of a wrench into the plan of other intakes.”

Sumner added the North Cariboo Branch they had the space to take Rolo in, and they now have 18 dogs in their care.

She said they will eventually be looking for a foster for Rolo, he will eventually be put up for adoption.


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