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HARTLEY’S HART ATTACK – (redundancy at its finest) Aug. 25th, 2023 EDITION 955

With pro and amateur sports about to get busy again, we will not be able to avoid hearing from commentators and seeing from columnists more “redundant” phrases.

Back by popular demand, it is the worst of “word overflows.”

My list is over 20 “long”.

A fine system should be implemented for violators.

And what might those phrases be?

Here’s your “advance” warning of the following samples.

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Keep in mind this is just my “personal” opinion.

Game times: This is a buzz-kill with annoyance at its finest, a traditional one-liner we hear all the time: Tonight’s game will start at 7 “PM”. Thanks for the notice; I would have waited until 7 the next morning to watch “tonight’s” game.

Annual: The NFL holds its “first annual” summer tournament. I have heard of the second annual and 10th annual but the first summer tournament is sufficient thank you.

Record: Bob Johnson has just set a “new school record.” Are we certain he did not set an “old” school record?

Tweeting: According to one announcer Bob Johnson “tweeted out”…..Last I checked all tweets go out. I am quite sure no tweets stay in.

Trooper: Bob Johnson is a “real trooper.” Good to know he isn’t a state trooper or a false trooper.

Freshman: Bob Johnson is having a great season, especially since he is a “true freshman”.
Glad that was clarified as we might have thought he was a “false” freshman.

Rookie: 22-year-old Bob Johnson is a “young rookie”. Here I thought he was 62 and an “old” rookie.

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Experience: There is no substitute for Bob Johnson’s “past” experience. I wonder what his future experience is.

Bright Future:  Bob Johnson has a great future “to come”. I would prefer to hear the details of his former future.

Work Week:  Bob Johnson is a pleasure to watch “each” and every week.  Well, at least we know he doesn’t take a week off.

Innovations: You have to give that coach a lot of credit for the team’s “new” innovations. It’s too bad because the old innovations would have been much more creative.

Trades: Bob Johnson was traded for a player to be named “later”. Hello, I didn’t think he was dealt for a player to be named earlier.

Retirement: 10-year “veteran” forward Bob Johnson retires after 10 seasons. I was sure he was a 10-year rookie.

Added Bonus: Bob Johnson signed a 5-year contract worth $15 million with an “added” bonus of $3 million. I am glad that the bonus was not subtracted.

Graduate: Another great play by Bob Johnson, a “former” graduate of UNBC. I didn’t realize that former players can graduate.

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To the future: After a loss, Bob Johnson will plan “ahead” for his next game. Sure glad he is not going to plan behind.

Surprise: That game had an “unexpected” surprise ending. Don’t we all like surprises, especially unexpected ones?

Result:  The “end” result was a five-yard loss on the play. That’s too bad because I was hoping to hear the rear-end result.

Size matters: What a package! Bob Johnson is small “in size” but plays with a big heart.  It is probably beneficial he is not small in other areas.

Cool winds: The hitters will be challenged because the wind is “blowing” in from the south making it hard to hit out of the ballpark. Being raised in the unofficial wind capital of Canada (Winnipeg), I know better than most that all winds do blow.

Gifts: The first 1,000 fans in attendance will receive a “free” gift. Wow, just think we are not going to have to pay for the present.

The good news is that based on my “past” history and “regular” routine, I should return “again” in seven days “time”.

It is “blatantly” obvious that is my “final” conclusion.

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Michigan has suspended head coach Jim Harbaugh for three games at the beginning of the 2023 college football season- games against East Carolina, UNLV and Bowling Green. During his suspension have to assume Harbaugh will be eating a lot of cupcakes?

*Comedy writer Janice Hough of Palo Alto, California

The New York Knicks have sued the Toronto Raptors, alleging that a former employee stole proprietary scouting and coaching information that he shared with his new team. You know, stealing info from the Knicks is the textbook definition of petit larceny.

*Contributor Eric Washington of New York

14 years after its release, there are myriad reports that the film, ‘The Blind Side’ was far from what really happened in the story of Michael Oher. I knew something was fishy when I saw the guy get driven backwards 100 yards into a dumpster.

*Contributor Bill Littlejohn of South Lake Tahoe, California

According to NASA astrophysicists, this August we will see the only Blue Moon until the year 2037. In a related story, last week the Edmonton Elks finally won a CFL game.

*Comedy writer RJ Currie of Winnipeg


Hartley Miller is the news and sports supervisor plus morning news anchor for 94.3 the GOAT and Country 97fm. After growing up in Winnipeg, he has lived in Prince George for the last 44 years and completed his 10th season as the radio colour commentator on the Prince George Cougars home games. Hartley is the author of You Don’t Say (sports quotes).



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