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Individuals responsible for consumption of single-use plastics – REAPS

The Federal Court overturned the Federal Government’s single-use plastics ban on Thursday.

In the decision, the court says the policy is unreasonable and unconstitutional because the feds list of banned plastic is too broad to be listed as a Toxic Substance.

The decision went on to say the government had acted outside of its authority.

The ban, which is to come into full effect in 2025, covered things like plastic shopping bags, straws, cutlery and takeout containers.

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Federal Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault says Ottawa is seriously considering an appeal of the ban, saying Canadians have said clearly they want to keep plastics out of the environment….and that’s what the federal government will keep fighting for.

Terri McClymont, the Executive Director of the Recycling and Environmental Action Planning Society (REAPS), says the use of single-use plastics ultimately comes down to the consumer.

“A lot of businesses have already taken steps with the ban coming into effect,” she said, citing plastic bags at grocery stores as plastic straws as examples.

“I think people need to look at plastic as something that never goes away, it is always here. Making the choice to use something much more sustainable that doesn’t leave an impact on our environment is always a good decision,” McClymont said.

She said all the discussion around the single-use plastics ban is a good time for people to educate themselves on the topic.

“Know what plastic does in our society. There is an alternative… we don’t have to be legislated into doing something, we should just make the decision ourselves.”

-With files from the Vista National News Wire

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