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Kodiaks searching for 30 billet families before start of season

The Prince George Kodiaks start their third season in the BC Football Conference in just over three months.

In that time, they are looking for around 30 billet families for their players.

“Last year we had 82 guys to start the season,” Kodiaks Head Coach Jamie Boreham said, explaining the demand is more than what most people might think.

“Our guys are 17-22 year olds. We prefer our younger players to have a billet experience – it eases the transition of being away from home.”

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Boreham said the team recommends players and their families pay their billets around $800 a month for breakfast, dinner, and a place to sleep.

“If we do it right, that is a good combination… It is really about building the relationship between player and billet family.”

Boreham himself was billeted when he played football for the University of Manitoba – he said he is still close with the Nolan family that took him in.

“This is not about some young guys coming around to hang out in the basement, sit on the couch, play video games, and eat groceries. That is not what this is, and we are very clear about that with our players and their families,” he said. “It is a family, players are expected to live inside house rules. Last year our guys did an amazing job.”

Anyone who is interested in billeting for the team, or is interested in learning more, is being asked to contact the Kodiaks on any social media platform or through their website.

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