The City has approved much needed upgrades to the Prince George Gymnastics Club.

On Monday night City Council agreed to help renovate the gymnasiums’s heating and insulation systems which the club says were woefully inadequate.

The Club says it would have been difficult to continue through the winter without the upgrade.

“We do have an issue with pipes freezing in the winter. We will frequently lose water waiting for them to thaw” said Lisa Kinnee, who sits on the clubs board of directors. “Sometimes we’ve even had to shut down classes in the past because it’s a safety concern if you can’t use the potty.”

A crowd of citizens were in attendance at city council Monday night to show their support for the upgrade, illustrating the importance of the facility to the community.

“We’ve got little toddlers there, pregnant women, moms and tots… right up to our athletes” Said Kinnee. “Some of them spend four to five hours a day training and the overall comfort of our athletes is extremely important.”

The building has been added to a list of facilities the city will asses for upgrades this winter. Kinnee is hoping the city will consider further renovations to the building in the future.