St. John Ambulance is looking for new recruits.

The long-standing group of Medical Responders is looking for volunteers to join the Brigade and work at a number of community events.

“What we’re looking for is any individual who wants to give back to the community, especially those that are interested in the first aid field” said Superintendent Eric Peng. “We supply them with the tools and equipment that they will need to go out and make a difference in our community and possibly save someone’s life.”

St. John Ambulance also provides regular training to make sure their volunteers are always ready.

“We do training every two weeks at the St. John Ambulance branch.” said Peng. “We keep sharpening our skills everyday so that we’re ready when they need to be used.”

The St. John Ambulance program has run for more than 100 years.

Those interested in volunteering with St. John Ambulance can visit their local branch.