After admitting Tuesday they lost a hard drive containing sensitive information on 3.4 million students, the provincial government is looking into another security issue.

While trying to pull up a classroom list on Tuesday morning, Prince George Teacher Glen Thielmann discovered a 64 page list of every former and current student to attend his school.

He says the list included sensitive data on students.

“We’re not supposed to have access to entire sets of student data” said Thielmann. “This included medical issues, special education designations and so on.”

Thielmann blames the Province’s new MyEdBC data management system.

“We’re not on the first wave here. Other districts around the province have been using this for months, and it’s been in development for years” said Thielmann. “The glitches that we’re hearing about should have been worked out a long time ago.”

My Prince George Now is waiting to hear back from the School District…