The Prince George Chamber of Commerce is celebrating the success of the Carbon Footprint Reduction Program.

The program connected local businesses with students in UNBC’s class of carbon management.

Using data provided by the businesses, students created a carbon footprint analysis for each company with a list of recommendations on how to reduce their carbon footprint.

There is a strong incentive for businesses to incorporate carbon-cutting measures, because they often cut costs as well.

“It’s good business to be sustainable” said UNBC President Daniel Weeks. “It’s good for the bottom line, and I think when businesses see it that way and understand this is nothing to be afraid of, it’s just a matter of making different choices.”

The Chamber of Commerce celebrated JFT Secure Limited, the first business to become carbon-neutral through the project, by planting a tree at Duchess Community Park on National Tree Day.

“It was relatively easy” said JFT Secure Owner Jason Thompson. “The students did a really good job on providing a 20 page report and recommendations which I was then able to apply to the business plan, and then becoming carbon neutral just fell into place.”

At the event CN announced more funding for the program which will allow UNBC and local businesses to continue partnering and making the city greener.