A new app is aiming to encourage more young people to vote.

VoteNote compiles information like election candidates, party platforms and polling station locations into one sapplication to make it easier for young voters to make an informed decision and simplify the voting process.

UNBC Student Devin Calado developed the app in collaboration with concordia university student Matt Heuman and says it fills a gap.

“There wasn’t really anything that did this” said Calado. “You can find this information online but for young voters they aren’t going to be interested by saying oh you can go to this website and find information about your candidate.”

Calado says putting the information into a mobile platform makes it more accessible to younger voters.

“We’re going to have information about the polling sites, like where you’re actually going to vote” said Calado. “There’s also features in the app like using google maps to get directions to your polling site.”

Calado hopes the app will contribute to higher voter turnout in this years federal election.