A well known poet and performer is coming to Prince George.

Janet Rogers is an award-winning poetry author and documentary film maker, and she’s going to be spending the next few months working with students at UNBC.

Rogers says she’s looking forward to interacting with student artists.

“As any teacher knows you’re not only offering what you can give to the students but you always learn from the students” said Rogers. “They’re writers in their own right and they’re learning things along the way that maybe you haven’t, so I’m looking forward to that exchange.”

Rogers will also be working on a new radio theatre piece to be heard in surrounding communities.

“Everybody says ‘I love radio theatre’ and I just don’t know why we don’t do more” said Rogers. “It’s kind of throw-back but I think there’s a hunger for that out there.”

Rogers has previously visited UNBC to take part in the Weaving Words Festival, an event she says she is looking forward to again this year.