The 10th annual Weaving Words Festival kicked off at UNBC today.

The festival brings together well-known aboriginal artists from across the country to showcase and celebrate the art of storytelling through a series of workshops and presentations throughout the week.

It’s all organized by the UNBC First Nations Centre. UNBC Author in Residence Janet Rogers says there’s a diversity of storytelling on display.

“We have different authors coming in from different territories” said UNBC Author in Residence Janet Rogers. “They also work in different genres. So you get this broad scope of what Indigenous writers are working on these days.”

Rogers is a familiar face to the festival, which is celebrating it’s 10th anniversary this year.

“For festivals it’s a hard go to get started, build momentum and then maintain” said Rogers. “10 years is a pretty good milestone for this festival.”

The Weaving Words Celebration runs through Saturday. For a list of events, check out the Festival Facebook page.