Citizens had the chance to voice their opinions on public affairs at the first Talk-Tober meeting Thursday Night.

One of the topics of discussion was the proposed Anti-Smoking and Vaping Bylaw.

The City had information available about the proposal as well as a survey to collect feedback on the drafted bylaw.

“People do have strong opinions and for the most part people have been very much in favour of the bylaw” said City Manager of Social Planning Chris Bone. “They see the value of it from the perspective of saving people from the harmful effects of second hand smoke.”

An online survey has also been active on the City of Prince George website since September 21st which a large number of residents have already completed.

“We have close to 300 completed online surveys” said Bone. That’s in a relatively short period of time, about 9 days.”

The City will be collecting public input all Talk-Tober long, the survey is also available online until November 15th.