The City of Prince George is promoting Radon Testing to citizens.

On Monday night, City Council announced they will be partnering with the BC Lung Association to declare November “Radon Awareness Month”.

“When our local leaders take a position on a public health issue, people take notice” said Britt Swoveland with the BC Lung Association. “They realize this is something serious that they need to respond to and it’s really about our local governments being leaders in the Community.”

The declaration came following a presentation from the BC Lung Association which highlighted the danger Radon presents to the community.

“We tested several thousand homes for Radon… and about one in three homes came back above the Health Canada Guidelines” said Swoveland. “We’re here to work with the municipality and partner on some initiatives to increase awareness.”

Radon is the second leading cause of Lung Cancer behind Smoking.

Residents can get a Radon Testing Kit by going to