A science advocacy group is trying to get residents thinking about the role of federal scientists in politics.

On Tuesday, Evidence For Democracy will be holding a viewing of Silence of the Labs: a documentary that discusses whether or not federal cutbacks to research programs deprive Canadians of important information.

“It’s important that people have an informed opinion when they go into the polls” said Nikolaus Gantner with Evidence for Democracy. “We’re just here to raise one of the topics that is close to our heart, that we feel is important and has implications for the wider society in Canada.”

Evidence For Democracy is hoping to reach voters with the event ahead of the Federal Election on October 19th.

“Everyone is welcome to attend, watch the documentary and then join us for the discussion afterwards” said Gantner. “We’re non-partisan, we just want to facilitate a discussion.”

The viewing opens at 5pm this Tuesday at UNBC’s Wintergarden Lecture Theatre.