UNBC will be the site of the Nechako Watershed Roundtable this week.

A variety of groups including local government, first nations and non-profit organizations will meet to talk about the health of the Nechako Watershed.

Lara Beckett will be representing the Regional District of Fraser – Fort George at the round table.

“The Roundtable will be formed with a wider ability for many different groups and individuals to participate in the discussion and just try to move the health of the Nechako Watershed forward in whatever policy ways we can” said Beckett.

The round table hopes to address some of the issues faced by the watershed, including salvage logging, climate change and the diversion of water out of the Nechako.

“There’s been an enormous amount of logging that has influenced the flows, the rate of flow, how much water is in the system” said Beckett. “Water quality is a critical issue to everybody’s lives.”

The roundtable will convene this Wednesday and Thursday at UNBC.