November has been declared Radon Aware Month in Prince George.

The City, in collaboration with the BC Lung Association, will be working to raise awareness and mitigate the harmful effects of radon.

“We did a test here back in 2014 over the winter time where we tested several thousand homes for radon” said Britt Swoveland with the BC Lung Association. “About one-in-three homes came back above the Health Canada guidelines.”

The naturally occurring gas is the leading cause of Lung Cancer in non-smokers. Scentless and colourless, radon is also undetectable to human senses.

“When our local leaders take a position on a public health issue people take notice” said Swoveland. “They realize this is something serious that they need to respond to.”

The City will be selling indoor radon detection kits to residents looking to test their homes.

The kits cost 16 dollars and can be bought in the Service Centre at City Hall beginning November 1st.