Northern Health is rolling out a new strategy to improve seniors’ health in the region.

On Wednesday the organization introduced their new Seniors’ Health Action Plan. The five year strategy aims to address three areas of concern, one of which is recognizing frailty earlier.

“It’s about living in the community and being healthy in the community” said Northern Health CEO Cathy Ulrich.

Ulrich added that they also hope to cut down on unnecessary hospitalizations by connecting older citizens with the social services they need.

The plan comes nearly a year after UHNBC experienced capacity issues due in part to a large number of senior residents in hospital.

“Last year around this time and through the winter we were well over capacity” said Chief Operating Officer Michael McMillan. “We’ve done a number of things so that if someone shows up at emergency, we can get them out quickly”

He added that hospitals will also be moving to a rehabilitative approach to help patients become as independent as possible before being discharged.