The BC Nurses Union is launching a new Violence Support Hotline.

The pilot project will dedicate a hotline open 24/7 to assist Nurses who are assaulted on the job.

“Unfortunately, many nurses who are trying to provide safe patient care continue to face the threat of violence every day when they go to work” said Union President Gayle Duteil.”Nurses often need support after they’ve been assaulted.”

Suffering sustained as a result of the violence can sometimes go beyond physical harm.

“In addition to the physical injuries they may suffer, there can be significant long term psychological impacts, including post traumatic stress disorder.” said Duteil.

The union says they are currently working on a number of projects to prevent violence, including specially trained health care workers, personal alarms and improved security systems.

Duteil says she looks forward to working with the Ministry of Health to make more work sites safer.