A new support group in Vanderhoof is bringing together residents living with chronic pain.

The Vanderhoof Pain Care group meets once a month, and brings together people experiencing various kinds of pain to share information. The group also hosts speakers every month to bring new ideas and information to the discussion about how to live with pain.

“This group is a support group, we offer resources and it lets people know they aren’t alone in dealing with their pain” said Anne Wiebe who helps organize the meetings.

The Pain Care group has received a positive response from the community so far. According to Wiebe, around 70 people in Vanderhoof are living with chronic pain.

“I was a shut-in. I didn’t go out, I didn’t do things” said Wiebe. “I’ve developed this passion for it because I see it helping people and I know how much it has helped myself.”

In the past residents would have had to travel to Nelson to attend a similiar association.

the Vanderhoof Pain Care Group will meet again Tuesday night at 7:30 in the Library’s multi-purpose room.