The Regional District of Fraser – Fort George is recycling its request for feedback on the proposed Solid Waste Management Plan.

All month long, the region has been running an online survey for residents to respond with their thoughts on how garbage, recycling and composting should be handled for the next 5 to 10 years.

“What we’re proposing for the updated plan is more of an increase in diversion programs and services” said Program lead Rachael Ryder. “So we’re looking for more recycling opportunities, whether it’s on the commercial front or what people can do at home.”

Ryder says the district has received around 250 responses so far.

The information collected will figure into the review process for the plan. The survey info will also be shared with the Province.

“We take all the information that we receive in our online survey, it’s put together and forms part of our final report that goes to the Ministry of Environment about our updated program.”

The final day of the survey is Monday, November 30th.

To have your say on the plan you can visit