Residents were pounding the pavement on Sunday to lobby the federal government into adopting more stringent climate change policy.

It was all part of the People’s Climate March, a global event that sees people all over the world walk in an attempt to lobby federal leaders into adopting stricter measures to counter-act climate change.

“Everything’s at stake.” said organizer Jessy Rajan. “I was looking at images from other marches around the world and I saw a child that read a sign that said ‘can I please have a future?’ and that’s what’s at stake. It’s for our future generations.”

On Monday the 2015 United Nations Climate Change conference meets in France.

“We’re the last time-zone. So it’s our last chance to get our message out there” said Rajan. “Our message is to our government to come out with reasonable agreements and feasible approaches to climate change.”

The organizing committee says this year’s goal is to create a binding agreement on climate change from all the nations of the world.