UNBC will be the site of a controversial debate this week.

The University is hosting their 21st annual Santa Claus Debate at the Canfor Theatre.

Teams will be presenting their arguments around whether good ol’ Saint Nick is fact or fiction.

“There’s just been some really creative presentations that have been made on both sides” said Organizer Gary Wilson. “So it’s a lot of fun for everybody. People get a chance to have a laugh and be creative at this festive time of year.”

In recent years the debate has been rather one-sided.

“The ‘Yes’ side has a twenty-to-zero record, so they’ve been pretty successful in the past” said Wilson. “But you never know when that ‘No’ side is gonna finally win. We’re certainly looking forward to Friday’s debate and hearing those excellent presentations.”

Spectators will be treated to Christmas carols, cookies and hot chocolate.

The debate will erupt at 7PM inside UNBC’s Canfor Theatre this Friday.