The Spirit of the North foundation is celebrating another successful fundraiser.

The 22nd Festival of Trees was bigger than ever, featuring 116 decorated trees and 53 wreaths.

“We’re still crunching numbers and we haven’t been able to come up with an absolute total” said Spirit of the North CEO Judy Neiser. “We do know that the Maldi-Tof Mass Spectrometer, which was the piece of equipment we were looking at trying to fund this year, we are sure we’ve got the funding for that.”

The Spectrometer will be used to more accurately diagnose infections at UHNBC.

According to Neiser, the event has grown into something incredible.

“This is not duplicated anywhere across Canada. There are festivals of trees but they are not at this scope” said Neiser. “Prince George is very unique, they have a real wonderful group of individuals who support Spirit of the North thankfully and healthcare in the north.”

Neiser says it could be at least a week before the fundraising total is tallied.