Things are looking brighter for Tyner Boulevard.

The City of Prince George has finalized a deal with BC Hydro to install street lights for Tyner.

The street lights will be leased from BC Hydro and mounted on wooden poles as a temporary solution until the city can install permanent lighting.

“That stretch of road is very, very dark at night. We have a huge residential area there with university heights” said Mayor Lyn Hall. “So it’s one of the few in town that we need to take a look at and I’m pretty excited that we were able to do something along Tyner”

According to Hall, the number of animal crossings along the busy boulevard make night time driving unsafe for drivers.

“It’s a huge safety issue up there because the entire university area borders vast quantities of forest land” said Hall. “It’s habitat for moose and deer and bear, so it’s important that we light that area.”

The temporary LED lighting will likely remain in place for the next few years until council decides to expand Tyner to 4 lanes.