Prince George City Council is calling on the BC Government to provide more support to the Ministry of Children and Families.

Following news that a youth in provincial care was frequenting a crack house in Prince George, Mayor Lyn Hall decided to bring the topic of at-risk youth into council chambers.

“To give us an opportunity for conversation around that particular issue” said Mayor Hall. “Prince George was really in the conversation over the last week, so that’s why I brought it forward. I wanted to be able to give council an opportunity to speak to it.”

The letter will be written with input from city Councillors, who were very vocal on the subject.

Councillor Jillian Merrick highlighted an alarming number of children living in poverty.

“We’ll put all the details in the letter that really outline the current situation here in Prince George and request some specific information from government” said Hall.

Councillor Murry Krause said it’s “imperative” that the ministry receive proper funding from the province.