As Prince George nears the end of its 100th anniversary, the city is looking back at a year full of celebrations.

The committee in charge of organizing the festivities partnered with over 60 groups to host centennial celebrations all year long. More than 2,000 volunteers donated over 17,000 hours of their time to make it all possible.

“One of the goals right from the very beginning was to show Prince George everything we can be and to really celebrate our hundredth anniversary and really try to grow that civic pride, and I think we accomplished that” said Councillor Murry Krause.

The city spent over $173,000 on events and celebrations throughout the year, with $10,000 going towards fireworks alone. There was also no shortage of cake at the year-long birthday party.

“We served cake almost everywhere” said Krause. “I can remember serving hundreds of people cake and it was fun because it involved
little kids, it involved seniors, it involved all kinds of people. I guess it was the smiles on people’s faces.”

A grant from the federal government will go towards final celebrations to cap off the 100th anniversary in February, before the city turns 101 in March.