The Prince George Airport Authority is circulating travel tips for everyone heading home for the holidays.

They’re advising travelers to check the weather conditions at connecting airports and destinations since weather can heavily effect flight schedules.

“We’ve seen an increase in passengers throughout this past weekend and we’re likely to see an increase in passenger activity right through until the second week of January.” said Communications Manager Lindsay Cotter.

With the increase in traffic, she says it’s a good idea to get to the airport a full 90 minutes before departure time. However, weather can often wreak havoc on holiday travel schedules.

“Before coming to the Prince George Airport you should always check our website for the most up to date flight information” said Cotter. “If you are connecting through Vancouver or Calgary, you should also check their websites as well and find out what the weather is looking like at your final destination.”

For those bringing Christmas gifts on-board she says it’s best to leave presents unwrapped as they may be opened by security screening personnel.