The Prince George Air Improvement Roundtable has launched a new web video to remind people to cut down on idling in the winter months.

PG Air Manager Tiffany Bonnet says it’s an easy way to contribute to cleaner air.

She says that kids are very vulnerable to vehicle pollution “That’s one of the messages we used in this video, to get people’s attention; how is this effecting kids health, how can we reduce our idling particularly in places like school parking lots.”

Bonnet says industry has done great work in recent years reducing their output of fine particulate into the airshed.

However, residential and transportation pollution, which makes up 25% of the fine particulate in the airshed, hasn’t declined much at all. “One of the areas where we think more work could be done is just increasing public education and awareness to remind residents about their contribution to air quality in the community.”

She added that topography doesn’t do Prince George any favours in the winter; thermal inversions often trap pollutant low in the airshed and ‘PG bowl.’

This video is the second of three to be released, with another due out in the spring.