With classes at the new Prince George Emily Carr campus set to begin this fall, the Art Institute is conducting some outreach in the community.

They’ve launched a web page allowing the community to contribute and vote on ideas online.

Emily Carr’s Kate Armstrong says they are looking for input of all types. “One thing we are interested in knowing, just on a scheduled basis what works better for people. Are evening classes better, are people looking for traditional semester long courses?”

She says this is just a part of deep consultations they have already carried out with the community. “Someone that we were speaking to in the course of last year said; ‘we’d really like to see design thinking applied to the way the existing city space is operating in the downtown. So we put that on the list.”

“We are really opening it up now, and we hope that it will get a big push for input and we hope it will be there in an ongoing way as well as a form of feedback.”

The new campus will be located in the Wood Innovation and Design Centre downtown.

The ideas web page can be found here.