You can have a laugh while helping out the people of Fort McMurray at an event taking place at UNBC’s Canfor theatre. Ten Prince George comedians will share the stage for the Fort McMurray Comedy Benefit Show, featuring international headliner Simon King. 100% of the proceeds from the show will go to the Red Cross to help out the wildfire victims.

“We put together in 9 days what it typically takes us 90 days to do so it’s wonderful to see,” says comedian Mike McGuire, who organized the event. “People are people and if you see someone in distress, you help no matter where it is. And for myself, I can’t go fight a fire and I can’t drive a fire truck so I can make people laugh. So if that’s what I can do to help Fort McMurray, that’s what I’m going to do.”

McGuire says comedy fans, as well as the uninitiated, will be getting a great deal seeing Simon King.

“Probably one of the smartest, fastest thinking, funniest intelligent comics you’re gonna meet anywhere – BC, Canada or the world. To pay $10 to see him and to have it go to a worthy cause, it’s well worth your money.”

For those still on the fence, McGuire says they should imagine themselves in Fort McMurray’s shoes.

“If this happened here, you know darn well Fort McMurray would be helping us just as much. If you can laugh and support a worthy cause, who wouldn’t?”

You can donate as much as you’d like but the suggested donation for a single ticket is $10. You can buy them in advance at Books and Company, Studio 2880 and Grizzly AUTO Repairs or at the door.

The UNBC Canfor Theatre doors open at 7 PM.