When you’re out on the roads tomorrow, you’ll want to watch your speed. Project Swoop will be in effect.

“The month of May is a high risk driving campaign and what we want to do is get out there and remind motorists of their speed so they can get to their destinations in a safe manner,” says Citizens Patrol Program Coordinator Mike Burt.

Project Swoop is a single day educational campaign put together by the Prince George RCMP’s Municipal Traffic Section, Citizens Patrol Volunteers and ICBC.

Volunteers and officers will be around the city, watching driver’s speeds.

“The volunteers will be set up in areas where it’s been identified as an issue. It might be high crash locations, it might be high risk locations – places where we know motorists regularly speed. The motorists will go past a posted speed limit sign, then they’ll find the volunteers set up with their speed boards and it will display the motorists speed to them and if they continue to speed then they might find themselves stopped by the officers.”

And even if drivers manage to speed by without a roadside warning, Burt says they will be following up.

“We send the registered owner of that vehicle a warning letter, outlining the infraction observed, the time. It’s only a warning letter it doesn’t form any part of their driving record or anything like that.”

Burt says other educational events will take place throughout the month and throughout the summer to remind drivers to obey posted speed limits.