Chicks dig the long ball but so do the Roswell Invaders.

Thru four games at the 2016 Ramada World Baseball Challenge in Prince George the New Mexico-based team currently leads the tournament in home runs with 12 to accompany their 3-1 record.

Every time the Invaders knock one out of the park several players line up outside the bench and make a tunnel with their arms and chant the word “Cheeks” as the players return and go underneath it.

Manager, Bryan Kloppe says the whole thing began after celebrating a player’s birthday.

“When we were playing in Sante Fe (New Mexico) it was Joey Miller’s birthday and a lot of the guys went out for the night and had a really big night. We hit 9 home runs including one grand slam and scored 32 runs the next day so we had to keep it going.”

Roswell set all-time team records in the Pecos League this season in home runs, doubles, slugging, runs per game, and on-base plus slugging.

The Invaders finished the season with a record of 47-25.

Roswell catcher Cody Coffman was named the league’s MVP.

Six different players have hit the long ball for the Invaders including Coffman, Cody Bishop, Bobby Webb, Morgan Blatnik, Joey Miller, and Kaohu Gaspar.