Six different law enforcement agencies joined forces for a road check in Vanderhoof during 20 hours between October 20th and 21st.

The six agencies included the RCMP, CVSE, Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Ministry of Forests Lands Compliance & Enforcement Division, the Conservation Officer Service and Transport Canada’s Transportation of Dangerous Goods.

An North District RCMP media release states 30 enforcement personnel checked hundreds of vehicles and drivers to for everything from motor vehicle standards, hunting and fishing, driver requirements, timber markings and transport, livestock transport and health and the transportation of dangerous goods.

Numerous charges were issued for offences under the Motor Vehicle Act, Liquor Act, Wildlife Act, Fisheries Act, Off-Road Act, Commercial Transport Act, Timber Marking Regulations, as well as Criminal Code charges.

When MY PG NOW requested further information on the charges stemming from the road stop it was not immediately available.