Around the world, the YMCA is celebrating ‘Peace It Forward,’ a week dedicated to encourage regular visitors of the facility, and everyone else, to express random acts of kindness showing world peace to family, friends, and neighbours.

“We believe peace is fundamental to strong, happy, and healthy communities,” says Stephanie Mikalishen, Manager of Philanthropy and Marketing with the YMCA of Northern BC.

“So any random act of kindness, whether you’re buying a stranger coffee, or maybe when we get more snow, you’ll shovel their driveway, really just inviting the community to think of a cause bigger than themselves.”

Mikalishen says the organization will be hosting a free yoga class today, with the goal of achieving inner peace with those who come.

“I think there’s something to be said about different yogis throughout the community coming together in the name of peace and in the name of community.”

The event takes place in the Evelyn Dickson Elementary School gym at 10 AM this morning; the class in Prince George will start at 11 AM.