After allegations of mistreatment on a Prince George horse ranch, dozens of people gathered to express their opinions Saturday morning.

Cindy Kelly is a former chariot horse racer and owns two breeds herself.

“I’m here because I just want them to get fed and I want them to have their feet done and some fresh water and feed. It’s not that hard.”

Kelly also lives near the ranch and claims no food or water has been given to the appaloosa horses.

“There’s nothing out there this year and they’ve been out there all summer. They’ve eaten down all the hay that’s out there, so going into winter, he’s going to need to feed them. You can tell their hungry and there’s no fresh water for them.”

One Giscome Road resident, who requested to remain nameless, says she has a positive relationship with the horses.

She says she’s lived on the road for 23 years and believes the animals are healthy and friendly.

“I believe there’s two sides of every story and before you start saying that fields are poisoned, you need to get some education and do some real investigation before protesting.”

We’ve reached out to the BC SPCA for a comment; we’re waiting to hear back.

We’ve haven’t heard from the property owner either.