In the seconds after Super Bowl 51, there was a sense over 100 million viewers witnessed a historic moment that may not be duplicated.

Now, a few days later, there may be even more appreciation for just how breathtaking that game was.

The New England 34-28 overtime victory over Atlanta was spectacular for many reasons including a great debate of whether it was more of a Patriots special win or a Falcons choke.

There were an astounding 31 Super Bowl records but none as stunning as the Pats producing the biggest comeback ever on the grand stage, down 25 points in the 3rd quarter.

Tom Brady is a polarizing athlete that is either loved or despised.

He can declare himself the overwhelmingly winner in the Deflategate nonsense over NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

Despite whatever feeling one has for Brady, he has earned widespread respect while Goodell may go down as the most booed League Chief of any North American sport.

That sideshow also played into the Patriots triumph.

What are the odds that both the Grey Cup and the Super Bowl would both need overtime to determine a winner?

The Ottawa RedBlacks 39-33 O.T. win over Calgary on November 27th, 2016 was a classic but somehow pales in comparison to this year’s Super Bowl.

Sports fans have enjoyed many special moments over the past year.

The Chicago Cubs and Cleveland Cavaliers ended curses in dramatic fashion and NCAA basketball (Villanova over North Carolina 77-74) and NCAA football (Clemson over Alabama 35-31) had momentous championship games.

When a winner take all match lives up to the hype, there is a tendency to reflect on history and where it ranks.

I still put at the top of the list, game eight of the 1972 Russia-Canada Summit Series.

Canada trailed three games to one with a tie with three games left, all in Moscow.

Paul Henderson scored the winner in each of the final three as the Canadians rallied to win 3-2, 4-3 and 6-5.

The Russians stated that if game eight ended in a tie, they would declare themselves the winner based on total goals.

Canada trailed 5-3 after two periods in the 8th game but a super human comeback gave the Canadian team the 6-5 victory thanks to Henderson’s goal with 34 seconds remaining.

In Prince George, it wasn’t a final nor did it have the broad appeal of professional sport but it was 10 years ago that 3,849 fans saw an extraordinary game.

The Spruce Kings scored a 3-2 victory over the Camrose Kodiaks in the semi-finals of the 2007 Royal Bank Cup.

The game concluded at 6:01 of the 5th overtime, a record that has still not be broken for the length of a junior hockey game in Canada.

The contest at CN Centre began Saturday night, May 12th, 2007 and ended early Sunday morning, May 13th at 1:01, nearly six hours after the puck dropped.

Jason Yuel scored the winner to give the Spruce Kings arguably the biggest goal in team history.

(Later that same day, a weary P.G. team, went on to lose the RBC final 3-1 to the Aurora Tigers)

Will this spring bring a magic moment from the Prince George Cougars in the WHL playoffs or
from the Cariboo Cougars in the Telus Cup national midget hockey championship?

Sure, local hockey isn’t the Super Bowl, but regardless of the level, we are all waiting for that
next jaw dropping game.

Sport has lost purity over the years while becoming too political and financial.

When we see a historic game, live or on television, embrace it, enjoy it and savor it.

The unforgettable moments are to be treasured.


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Before Super Bowl 51, Falcons Offensive Co-ordinator and now 49ers Head Coach Kyle Shanahan was drawing comparisons to Norv Turner and Sid Gillman. After Super Bowl 51, he’s drawing comparisons to Bill Buckner and Steve Bartman.


Contributor Bill Littlejohn of South Lake Tahoe, California


It appears that the entire Atlanta team was GAGA after the halftime show. They absolutely dropped the last “A” in GAGA for the 4th quarter and OT.


Comedy writer TC Chong of Vancouver


Super Bowl 51 is over.  The Super Bowl 52 pre-game show starts tomorrow.


Comedy writer Janice Hough of Palo Alto, California


 And in case you missed it:


OKC Thunder star Enes Kanter broke his forearm punching a chair and is out for an extended period. I’m not sure for how long, but ulna more later.


Comedy writer RJ Currie


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